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Have a question for us? Well, we are currently working on compiling a list of F.A.Q, so if your question isn't answered here, just ask.

Q. Why are you using cafepress?
A. Cafepress is able to handle our current capactiy while we transition back to an in-house operation.

Q. Where is my order?
A. All orders are being managed by CafePress, so check with the help section.

Q. Will you sponsor me?
A. Maybe. Send us an e-mail telling us why we should sponsor you.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We have been in business since the year 2000 when we opened our doors in New Philadelphia, OH. We are now online-only and based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Q. Why should I order a shirt from your company?
A. Well, we believe in quality and a good price can exist today. Your shirt won't arrive on a no-name brand shirt with "iron on" logos... you get a heavy duty shirt with an extended print design that lasts for years. At least once a week, our owner still wears the first shirt that came off the line... over 6 years ago.

Q. So my new shirt will last for over 6 years?
A. I guess it could technically last forever if you never wear or wash it...

Q. Do you have any promotional items or information?
A. Sign up for our mailing list for promotions and special offers!

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